LaterCon 2021

Social media is always moving, What's “in” today might be “out” tomorrow.

The theme of LaterCon 2021 is to encourage curiousity and the spirit of learning, growing, and morphing. The best influencers and  mostsuccessful businesses are the ones who keep moving and adapting to new platforms and situations — Later and LaterCon can help them do just that.

LaterCon brings together 38 industry experts including top brands and creators to talk about real marketing strategies and trends. Covering everything from digital strategy to content creation, LaterCon is an annual affair that educates in over 37k+ attendees of both social media experts and newbies.

Creative Team:
Creative Direction: Chin Tan
Copywriter: Valerie McEachen
Designers: Bianca Chubb, Euan Murphy
Web developer: Graciela Alaniz

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